To visit the cloisters, based on the cruise, a beautiful cover, typical of flamenco, showing a bas-relief at the height of the arch, where kneeling angels, robed in rich folds, have the emblem of the Five Wounds, heritage through of the Order of San Francisco, which surround the Franciscan cord. In the share Cloister, the same cover, more embellished if anything, holds another bas-relief, with Veronica, who played in the style of the time, shows a canvas with the Holy Face, between two angels, also kneeling, polychrome forms.

Lowest Cloister is intended as a continuation of the temple, so it is no wonder that match vaults, windows and profusion of sculptures known ambos and filigree, so characteristic of Gothic art smocks. The rhythmic and repetitive composition of motifs competes with disconcerting decorative richness of nature, which evokes great realist sense. She is 30 meters long by canvas, 4.20 wide and 8 high. The beautiful arrangement of his twenty windows (five per canvas), with tree-arcade and openwork lattice that mimics (Gaya Nuóo), more ornamentation not repeat their archivolts, achieved such an effect of light and shade, typical of Gothic, which impresses visitors.

The staircase leads to the upper cloister is typically Spanish, four sections in square box. Fernando Marías Egas the awards, given the similarity it has with the ladder of Hospital del Cardenal Mendoza in Toledo and another in the Spanish geography. As for the decoration, all authors attributed to Alonso de Covarrubias, who were then entrusted the works of the Alcázar. His style is plateresco, with a recessed dome and coffered divided into strips that hold rosettes carved in stone, whose boxes are decreasing as they approach a view to serving key rosette.

The Emperor Charles V, grandson of Ferdinand and Isabella: the double-headed eagles dating the time of construction, namely preserved. The plateresco introduces caryatids instead of angelic figures and like the scallops shaped shells.

The Cloister measured 4.60 meters high altitude, still lower than the lower cloister; also shows greater austerity for its smooth and whitewashed walls and, as we say, is later bill to the rest of the work of the monastery. However, the distinction shown by the magnificent coffered ceiling, painted wood larch, with repetitive signs of the Catholic Monarchs. Thick recessed arches flanking canvases, roaring lions with shields showing the kingdoms of Spain, including Granada and of Navarre, plus actual nicknames of tanto monta, monta tanto