The principal or income to the temple, which today is the west, was opened later and worked as Covarrubias design, but made ​​many years later (1606-1610), when he had lost the taste for the Gothic portal, which one author called, jokingly, semigótica and semirenacentista“, that is, neither one thing nor the other. Holds variety of sculptures Franciscan saints Courting the high San Juan Evangelista image within an ogee arch. Shield and crown the whole cross between yoke and arrows. Two soldiers, bound and Roman mantle, guarding the entrance from the height of anti-strong point of rebirth out of place.


Reason of surprise for the visitor is the presence of “tracery” (horizontal and vertical) chain that once would be more numerous. They are remnants and relics of chains of Christian captives rescued from the battle of Malaga and Almeria (1485-1486) and that they moved to Toledo as votive offerings perennial gratitude to God and the Queen.