The Church of San Juan de los Reyes is parish of the Archdiocese of Toledo since 1977 before the September 1, 1975, the Archbishop of that city entrusted to the Franciscan Province of Castilla parish “NS. Sra. De Head “, located outside the city and in the area called” the Cigarrales “. Year and a half later, on February 1, 1977, Cardinal D. Marcelo González erected the parish of “San Juan de los Reyes and Sta. María de la Cabeza”.

The situation of the parish is very unique, because besides the few streets, not inhabited, surrounding Memorial San Juan de los Reyes, the rest of the population is located on the left bank of the Tagus river, with some groups housing and many scattered through the hills called “the Cigarrales”. Therefore, the number of inhabitants is quite low compared to the average of the Spanish urban parishes: some 1,983 inhabitants (year 2003 data).

But the small number of inhabitants is no reason in this case to those parishioners of celebrations, activities and events that may be developed in a larger parish deprive. On the contrary, its historic walls embrace a living parish community and awake, a stranger in the Toledo diocese and Franciscan Fraternity as the anima.

The Church of San Juan de los Reyes is a place for everyone, whether young or adult. For baptism, communion, confirmation, marriage or funeral, or just advice and accompaniment. Come and see all that in our community can help you