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The History and Art of San Juan de los Reyes

The monastery of San Juan de los Reyes was built by the Catholic King and Queen (the Catholic Monarchs), Isabel (Elizabeth) and Fernando (Ferdinand), to commemorate their victory at the Battle of Toro (1476) over the army of Alfonso of Portugal, who defended the claims of Juana (Jane) la Beltraneja to the throne of Castilla against Isabel la Catolica, daughter of King John II (Juan) of Castilla, sister of Enrique IV (Henry), who disputed that Juana was a legitimate daughter.

The church is dedicated to Saint John the Evangelist, patron saint of King Juan II. Common opinion says that the reason for building the monastery was so that it could be used by the Catholic Monarchs as a pantheon (royal burial place), an idea that changed after the conquest of Granada in the year 1492. They were actually buried in the Chapel Royal of Granada Cathedral.

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Translated by: Ana Maria Rubio de Hoppe




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